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LTA Padel Tour 2020

Changes for the 2020 season Continued

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World Junior Padel Championships 2019

This is just the start for Junior Padel in the UK. ... Continued

Fantastic Padel in the North East

Middlesbrough Padel Club Silver 2500 LTA Padel Tournament ... Continued

Redwood Bank National Padel Club Championships 2019

Champions: London Padel Centre at Bishops Park ... Continued

20 Jun 2019

Squash To Padel

Following Saturday’s introductory article about the growth of padel in the UK, Elliot Selby, a member of a very prominent squash family, writes about his love for this fun doubles game which is spreading rapidly across the country. ... Continued ...

13 May 2019

LTA to integrate British Padel into operations

Padel Tennis and the LTA ... Continued ...

13 May 2019

Official British Padel Press Release

A Strategic Alliance ... Continued ...

30 Apr 2019

Padel on the Costa Boro

British Padel Tour Gold event at Middlesbrough Padel Club ... Continued ...

01 Apr 2019

Redwood Bank Supports British Padel

Redwood Bank pledges support for fast-growing Padel Tennis sport ... Continued ...

22 Mar 2019

LTA and British Padel Merger?

Lawn Tennis Association eye merger with growing sport of 'padel' ... Continued ...

21 Mar 2019

Padel Coming To Sussex?

Padel tennis court planned at Burgess Hill leisure centre ... Continued ...

21 Mar 2019

Irish Padel

The Six Nations Masters Padel Tournament ... Continued ...

19 Mar 2019

Why Play Padel

Neuropsychology of Padel Tennis - Why padel is such a fantastic and addictive sport! ... Continued ...

19 Mar 2019

Scottish Padel

Six Nations Padel Tournament ... Continued ...