iPadel Club League Testimonials

Hall of Fame of the iPadel Club League National Finals and Testimonials


Magdalen Park

Magdalen Park have been playing in the iPadel leagues for a few years now and we all love taking part. We go to some great clubs, play loads of decent padel, and will certainly keep entering every season! Both our 2 men's and 1 women's teams have made the finals day at some point, and every time has been very well organised and an awesome day out! Ian has done a fantastic job with these leagues and everyone involved really enjoys taking part - Thanks Ian

Sam Lutostanski
Magdalen Park

Middlesbrough Padel Club

I really enjoyed the iPadel Premier League Finals, I thought it was a great event with some top level Padél and can’t wait to be involved again this summer.

Theo Garton UK No 7
Middlesbrough Padel Club

Chelsea Harbour Club

With regard to the iPadel National Finals, you have 5 stars from me, was great event top in UK and high level of padel.

Nicola Falcinelli
Chelsea Harbour Club

Chichester Racquets & Fitness Club

Chichester Racquets & Fitness Club played in their first iPadel league this winter (2023), all the players thoroughly enjoyed their matches and the chance to meet other players from other clubs, this was an experiment for us but as it worked out so well we’ve decided to enter 3 teams into the summer leagues.

Thanks a million Ian for the chance to compete in these leagues

Toby Palmer
Chichester Racquets Club

Rocks Lane Chiswick

Rocks Lane has played in the iPadel leagues since they began in 2020. All of our club players (male and female ) have enjoyed the friendly, social yet competitive elements of the leagues.

The leagues have been very well managed and the level of personal customer service has been exceptional. The leagues have provided the typical padel player with an opportunity to compete on at club level with like minded players.

The iPadel Leagues provide the perfect environment for the average club player. Let’s support this great initiative.

Chris Warren
Managing Director
Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centres

Sundridge Park Padel

Sundridge Park Padel in Kent have played in the iPadel leagues since October 2021. The league provides the opportunity to play against other clubs in either the mixed, ladies or open format. The standard of competition is very high and everyone we've played against has been really friendly. We've gone from entering one team, to now entering four teams in the current Winter league. As more clubs get padel courts the leagues will only continue to grow which will only help to improve the number and standard of players competing at every level of this brilliant sport.

Alex Crawford
Sundridge Park

The Limpsfield Club

I have been playing the iPadel league between different clubs in Surrey and I would like to highlight the following aspects:

It is a way to meet players from other clubs and build a Padel network. The league is well organised and Ian is always keen to facilitate the fair competition between different teams and clubs. The league is clearly promoting Padel at the UK, facilitating players to improve their standard and know other clubs and players. Finals' organisation are improving every year and standard of players as well.

iPadel has started from scratch helping the development of the Padel in the UK, a sport that every year is growing, but worth it to say was unknown a couple of years ago when iPadel started the leagues.

Well done Ian and congratulations for your support on Padel development!!!

Jorge Alonso
The Limpsfield Club

The Limpsfield Club

I am the Padel captain at The Limpsfield Club. We have been involved in the iPadel leagues since their inception in the summer of 2021, entering men's, ladies and mixed teams. We also hosted the winter 2021/2022 finals.

The iPadel leagues have been incredibly important for us, not only in giving our team players invaluable experience in playing against other clubs but also in helping to foster the wider padel community in the South East of England and beyond. We are now in the third iteration of leagues and it is nice to see familiar faces in the league games. I believe this sense of community is critical for a new and developing sport such as padel.

Hosting the finals also gave spectators a great opportunity to come along and watch and most importantly learn.

In summary, the iPadel leagues have been vital for The Limpsfield Club and I would like to thank Ian for his hard work in running them.

Jon Lenihan
Men's Captain
The Limpsfield Club

North London Padel Club

Having been involved over 10 years ago, building 3 outdoor Padel courts on the grounds of Bushey Grove Leisure Centre and setting up North London Padel Club, it’s been a breath of fresh air being involved with Ian at iPadel.

Over the last 2 years, have entered both summer and winter leagues and with the sport growing so quickly, iPadel are extremely professional and helpful at setting up fixtures and events that make the sport more accessible and social. Growing from 7 teams to now over 85, playing with more teams from all over the country, is really great steps in growing and making this sport firmly on the map to becoming even bigger.

Ian runs the whole season and cannot thank him enough for giving us the access to grow. Olympics for Padel is coming and definitely down to the commitment and hard work of groups like iPadel.

Simon Dryan
North London Padel Club

The Bourne Club

I would like to this opportunity to thank you personally and your iPadel brand for all you have done in setting up a community for clubs all over the country who have introduced Padel. The hard work and dedication shown has been significant, you have been to see most clubs in the UK and provided support and advice when needed.

The iPadel leagues you have set up have been a revelation for clubs, giving their players a platform to grow and compete against other local clubs. I am very much looking forward to seeing where the iPadel leagues can go in the future, as more and more clubs are entering teams. The growth of Padel in the UK is a testament to the work you have put into the sport.

Ben Matthews
Club Director
The Bourne Club

Middlesbrough Padel Club / Tennis World

The inception of the iPadel Club Leagues in our view had a major impact on the development of Padel as a sport in the UK from many points of view;

  • Encouraging people to play
  • Encouraging competition for teams
  • Encouraging cross club competition and collaboration
  • Feedback from such competition fueling more interest in the sport and its growth

These are just some of the positive impacts the iPadel Club League has had on the sport of padel, its growth in all clubs participating in the iPadel Club Leagues themselves, and in turn, the health of those clubs as the sport grows and brings about not just increased participation, but some financial resilience in what are incredibly tough times.

The iPadel Club Leagues have been and are a credit to the sport and should been seen as such, and indeed all clubs we have spoken to have similar sentiments.

I trust the LTA will see the iPadel lClub League as only helping grow the sport – the development of the sport would not have been as it has been, and will continue to be, without such leagues.

Mark Foster
Tennis World


iPadel and its significance

Thank you personally for all you have done in setting this up for Clubs all over the country who have introduced Padel.

The iPadel Club Leagues have been a revelation, giving players a platform to grow and compete against other local Clubs. I am very much looking forward to seeing where the iPadel Club Leagues can go in the future, as more and more clubs are entering teams.

The growth of Padel in the UK is in part to the work you have put into the sport.

All of our Club players (male and female) have enjoyed the friendly, social yet competitive elements of the leagues. The leagues have been very well managed and the level of personal customer service has been exceptional.

I hope the LTA will see the iPadel Club Leagues as helping grow Padel.

Paul Lindsay
Racquets Manager
Roehampton Club

The Hurlingham Club

I would like to wholeheartedly support the effort iPadel had made in the development of Padel in the UK.

Having come across padel in Dubai whilst living there, I returned to the UK in 2016. Padel was in its infancy with just a handful of courts with Weybridge the sole club in Surrey. I am now a member of Weybridge, Hurlingham, Esher and Oxshott.

Over the course of 2020 & 2021, I played many LTA Seniors tour events around the country, predominantly in London, but also in Middlesborough and Scotland becoming one of the top ranked Over 50s in the country. This led to representing GB Seniors in Dublin at the World Championships Qualifiers and Las Vegas in the Seniors World Padel Championships – self funded – as well as paying in the Six Nations Cup in Espoo, Finland.

Initially the only club matches were friendlies, however with the advent of the iPadel Club Leagues, three of my clubs - Hurlingham, Esher and Oxshott – now benefit from the leagues you have built and access to regular competitive padel matches, further driving the interest in and popularity of the sport in the UK.

I sit on the Padel Committee at The Hurlingham Club and Hurlingham have supported the Femme Open initiative, through hosting a tournament as well as being in discussion around hosting a Home of Padel (HoP) tour event.

The Padel Paper recently listed the “2022 People of the Year” they remarkably failed to include the padel leaders/co-ordinators at the majority of the clubs who drive the grassroots growth in the game and inexplicably iPadel, led by Ian Colligon, which has done more to drive the game than any other body or individual.

iPadel fully deserves the recognition and full support of the LTA in the continued growth of the fantastically inclusive game of padel.

William Wells
GB Seniors Padel Player
Padel Committee – The Hurlingham Club

David Lloyd Bushey

I was so pleased when Ian set up the iPadel Club Leagues! At last club players had a chance to play good competitive matches, meet others from other clubs and give padel the inclusivity and exposure it deserves.

Well done Ian. You are highly regarded in the padel world.

Ruth Bell
Captain of DL Bushey Ladies

Chelsea Harbour Club

Having worked in padel for the last 7 years in and out of the UK, this year has been the first time I’ve been part of the iPadel leagues having entered 7 teams from our club. The feedback has been exceptional - from communication, to the running of the leagues, the set up, the time input from Ian is outstanding. Not only are the leagues run extremely well, but the fact that the primary reason for the creation of iPadel was to grow the sport and to encourage more beginner/intermediate players to get more invested into the sport, is a testimony in itself.

Well done to Ian and looking forward to seeing what happens in the future!

Max Lutostanski
Sales Consultant for Chelsea Harbour Club
GB Women’s Padel Coach

Oxshott Padel Club

I am Chairman of Oxshott Padel Club and also regularly compete on the UK circuit.

Ian (through iPadel) has done a fantastic job facilitating inter club padel matches. The iPadel leagues have been the best way for club players to play competitive matches and they are at the forefront of UK amateur padel.

The league is now well set up and well known throughout the UK padel scene. Our players actively look forward to playing in them. The highlight being the end of season finals! It is a breath of fresh air for competitions to be focused on the club player and not just the “elite”.

It is also brilliant to have a company running it that only has padel as its main focus.

Padel is far more than “a gateway to tennis” and needs to be recognised as such by all stakeholders in UK padel. It has the potential to become one of the 5 main sports in the UK.

We hope to be a part of the iPadel leagues for years to come!

Ali Anderson
Oxshott Padel Club

Epsom Tennis Club

Padel is a fast growing sport with many tennis clubs installing Padel courts. iPadel has brought those clubs from all over the country together by competing in local leagues with the winners of those leagues competing in a grand final. Its all very exciting and a real privilege to compete against some of the best clubs around the country, making new friends and most of all enjoying Padel.

Well done Ian for bringing it all together, a great job

Paul Johnson
Epsom Men's Captain

Welsh Padel Centre

This is our first year involved in the iPadel League and we are playing East Glos and a combination of Padel4All Basset Down and Lockleaze. This ‘toe in the water’ is going well and we look forward to participating in further inter club padel leagues going forward.

David Cornwell
Welsh Padel Centre

Hall Of Fame

Men's Club

  • Summer 2021 - Rocks Lane Chiswick
  • Winter 2021 - Solihull Arden
  • Summer 2022 - Roehampton
  • Winter 2022 - Roehampton
  • Summer 2023 - Rocks Lane Chiswick
  • Winter 2023 - Chichester Racquets & Fitness

Ladies Club

  • Winter 2021 - Rocks Lane Chiswick
  • Summer 2022 - Sundridge Park
  • Winter 2022 - Chelsea Harbour Club
  • Summer 2023 - Chelsea Harbour Club

Mixed Club

  • Winter 2022 - Chelsea Harbour Club
  • Summer 2023 - Chelsea Harbour Club

Men's Premier

  • Winter 2023 - Rocks Lane Chiswick

Ladies Premier

  • Winter 2023 - Chelsea Harbour Club

Mixed Premier

  • Winter 2023 - Rocks Lane Chiswick