Basic Padel Rules


Padel is played in pairs as doubles.


Padel uses the same scoring system as tennis.


With regard to the serve, the following rules apply:

  • In padel, all play begins with an underarm serve from the right service court into the opponent's court diagonally across similar to tennis.
  • The server must allow the ball to bounce once before hitting it and the ball must be hit below waist level.
  • The serve must land in the opponent's service box.
  • If the ball bounces in the service box and strikes the side or back wall, it is a valid serve and must be played by the opposing player.
  • If the ball lands in the service box and hits the wire fencing, it is considered a fault.
  • The server must keep at least one foot on the ground when hitting the serve.
  • The server's feet may not touch or cross the service line while serving.
  • In padel as in tennis, you get a second serve.

What's In

The following are allowed:

  • The lines are considered in play only during the initial serve.
  • Otherwise, they are not a factor in determining the outcome of each point in the game.
  • All players are permitted to play a ball off any of the walls on their own side of the court.

What's Out

The opposition wins a point if:

  • The ball bounces twice in any area on your side of the court.
  • The ball strikes you or your teammate while in play.
  • The ball hits the wire fencing, posts or any other fixture before going over the net or landing on the opponent's court.
  • The ball hits the wire fence or walls before bouncing on the opponent's side of the court.


The ball can be taken out of the air by any player except on the initial serve and the return of serve.

See extended version of rules from the International Padel Federation: