Theo Garton

Theo is one of the most promising padel players in the UK and is now fulfilling his early potential and competing at the top level in the country. Theo is currently sponsored by Joma, Soul Padel and iPadel.

Early Achievements

  • Between the ages of 8-14 I played football multiple times per week, including for both Leeds and Middlesbrough Football Academies
  • Whilst playing football, between ages 8-13, I was also the County Tennis Champion on 4 separate occasions
  • I represented my county for Tennis whilst ranking in the Top 10 across the country
  • At age 14 I played at Wimbledon in the ‘Road to Wimbledon’ Championships
  • I also won regional championships at both Ilkley and Leeds
  • Although my interest in Tennis was now flourishing, at 14 I started playing Padel as a hobby whilst on holiday. This part-time hobby began to progress further and by 15 I began competing in senior national tournaments

Recent Achievements

  • As my Padel career began to take off, at age 17 I won both the National and European Royal Padel Cup
  • Following on from this success I began to compete in more national tournaments. Thus, I was able to gain a ranking within the Top 30 in the country
  • By 18 I was ranked as Number 1 within the GB Juniors Category. At this time I also won my first LTA Grade 1 Open Event
  • From Ages 18-Current I have been consistently ranked within the Top 10 in the Men's GB rankings
  • I consistently train in both Spain and England
  • I have recently begun playing more FIP Tournaments, both within the UK and abroad – most recently in Lithuania


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