Padel Tennis Coaching

Padel Tennis Lessons

A series of padel tennis coaching videos courtesy of Sandy Farquharson of Serving You Right and member of the Brtiish Padel team GB.

The Basics

The Grip

Shot Preparation

The Serve

The Return

Playing off the back glass (part 1)

Playing off the back glass (part 2)

The Forehand

The Backhand

Padel Volleys

The lob - one of the most important shots in padel

Tennis to Padel

Forehand - Tennis to Padel

Backhand - Tennis to Padel

Volley Secrets: Tennis to Padel

The Back Glass: Tennis to Padel

The padel smash

The Padel Smash (Bandeja)

Single or double handed backhand?

Padel drop shot - do you need a soft touch?

Padel secret: The glass is not your enemy

Squash to Padel

Squash to padel: What's the difference?

Padel Tips

The Biggest Mistake

Smashing the ball out

One of the most important shots in padel is the lob. This video gives you 2 tips to improve your lob and explains how it differs from the lob in tennis!

Keep It Simple (Stupid): Padel Serve

Padel shoes - what should you be looking for?

How to defend the double glass shots

How to play the different types of padel volleys

What should you do when your opponent smashes?

How to play outside the court

Don't fight the fence!

How to hit a better Bandeja

What is the "Chiquita" and how can you use it?

How to improve your padel serve - speed or spin?

Padel Tactics

Basic court positions

Which side should you play?

How to move as a pair

To smash or not to smash?

Padel communication! What should you be saying?

Where should you be aiming your padel volley?

Passing shot - the most risky shot in padel

How to win a padel point

Where to hit the padel return

Padel Drills

3 Ball Padel Drill

Volley and Bandeja Drill

Padel Trick Shots

Awesome Padel Trick Shot

Outside Court Padel Trick Shot

Trick Shot Rally

Practice Tips

Practice on your own

Padel Fitness

Shoulder exercises

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