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Padel Tennis Lessons

A series of padel tennis coaching videos courtesy of Sandy Farquharson of The Padel School, British national coach and member of the LTA Padel Team GB.

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Padel Tips

Smashing the ball out

One of the most important shots in padel is the lob.

Keep It Simple (Stupid): Padel Serve

The Return

How to defend the double glass shots

How to play the different types of padel volleys

What should you do when your opponent smashes?

How to play outside the court

Don't fight the fence!

What is the "Chiquita" and how can you use it?

How to improve your padel serve - speed or spin?

The padel Bandeja from scratch

Padel defending - how to get difficult balls back.

The best way to lob in padel

Attack After Glass/Bajada - Where should you aim?

Practice Tips

Practice on your own

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