Score Display Systems

iPadel markets Scorli Score Display Boards for tennis, padel tennis, racket ball, squash etc. Scoreboards can be purchased outright or short-term leased for tournaments and events. The scoreboards support advertising graphics, so lease costs can be recovered by advertising local business or from event sponsorship.

Scorli Scoreboard

Scorli Scoreboard is an outdoor/indoor color display that can display score result of tennis and other racket games in real time. The result are transmitted via Bluetooth from Scorli watch or from a tablet/smartphone (android based).

The Scoreboard uses Scorli dedicated firmware + dedicated application (Scorli App) that allow transmitting the results up to 80-meter range. Advertising or other marketing material can also be displayed through a dedicated wi-fi PC card + dedicated application that is installed in laptop/smartphone/tablet (android + IOS).

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Scoreboard Specifications

Outdoor P5 SMD Full Color LED Module

Screen Resolution 128 x 96 pixels
Screen dimensions 64 cm wide x 48 cm high. 3,072 sq cm
Weight 13 Kg
Wi-Fi card (Optional) TF-QB1 + HUB75Q010 Wi-Fi
Display Function Text and graphic
Clear view Daylight 70 - 80 metre
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0, up to 70 meter range

Wi-Fi PC card

The wi-fi PC card is inserted into Scorli Scoreboard and together with a dedicated application it allows the user to send advertising and marketing material from laptops/smartphones/tablets (android + IOS).

Scorli App

Scorli App

Scorli App

  • Dedicated application based on Android allows using tablet/smartphone to transmit score to Scorli scoreboard display in real time
  • Game analysis
  • Displaying marketing content
  • Tournament automatic management (soon)
Scorli App

Scorli App

Scorli watch

Scorli watches communicate independently with each other or with Scorli Scoreboard display, no need for a cellular net (a smart watch with cellular communication is not allowed in tournaments)

  • Light, fashionable wrist watch.
  • Can be used as standard digital watch.
  • Uses Gorilla glass.
  • Sharp and clear display.
  • User-friendly gadget (only one button is used during game).
  • Rules of each type of game are burned on the watch.
  • State of the art Bluetooth net system can transmit and receive data up to 70 meters in real time and serve up to 8 users at the same time.
  • Score can be transmitted in real time from the Scorli watch to Scorli Scoreboard display.
  • The battery is a rechargeable battery.
  • The statistics data during the game can be offline loaded to laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Watch Specifications

Colour Green / Pink / Blue
Weight 65 gm
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0, up to 70 meter range
Wi-Fi card (Optional) TF-QB1 + HUB75Q010 Wi-Fi
Watch Face Water Resistant
Gorilla Glass
Battery Li-Polymer
350 MAh Charging using a USB charger cradel.

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