Padel Organisations

Listed below are organisations that are involved in promoting the sport of Padel at home and abroad. If you would like your organisation added please use this form.

Royal Padel

Royal Padel Academy

iPadel, in association with Royal Padel aim to further the development of padel in the UK through coaching clinics, events and exhibitions.

The Royal Padel Academy

Are you a club looking to be trained by some of the best coaches in Spain ? Royal Padel Academy are looking for a select number of clubs to work with to improve coaching for players and offer clinics to every level of player.

  • Fully certified IPF coaches will improve coaching within your club from novice / intermediate courses to pro level.
  • Each club affiliated will have full access to Royal Padel resources and be provided with training equipment.
  • Club members will also have access to full day clinics and events sponsored by Royal Padel.
  • Club members will also have 25% discount when booking for the Royal Padel experience in Barcelona including WPT tickets and coaching sessions in some of the most prestigious clubs in Barcelona

To help the growth of padel in the UK specifically, we are looking to organize events aimed at new players that want to promote a healthy lifestyle and help them create fun days with friends or work colleagues . This is a great way to get people, who otherwise have never heard of padel, playing and enjoying the game.

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Padel United UK's Logo, A iPadel Ltd Sponsor

Padel United UK

iPadel and Padel United UK form strategic partnership to develop padel in the UK

iPadel are delighted to announce their new partnership with Padel United UK to help the development of padel in the UK.

About Padel United UK

We have been operating padel clubs in the UK since 2015 making us the longest serving operator in the UK.

We currently have 4 venues in Essex: Maldon, Brentwood, Chelmsford and Bishops Stortford. Each centre is at the heart of its community. We have built up a base of over 1000 padel players, with the largest junior padel academy in the UK boasting over 150 under 16’s.

Today, however, the demand for courts in the UK means that everyone who wants to play simply can’t. The demand is too high…

That is why we are opening new padel centres all over the UK & Ireland.

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EE Padel's Logo, A iPadel Ltd Sponsor

EE Padel

Your Full Service Padel Provider

What we do

EE Padel develop, manufacture and supply the world with padel court and padel accessories. Our mission s to create the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Padel courts, turf and accessories.

Our Mission

EEP has a mission and commitment to offer the industry’s best quality, service levels and production capacity. Our headquarters are based in Spain, and we have local presence throughout Europe with 40 employees. We are now also entering the USA and looking for local partners.

What we offer

Why make it difficult when we can make it easy? EEPadel can offer you a flexible complete solution where we are with you all the way from idea, design, project management, financing, delivery, assembling and maintenance. We tailor your padel project completely to your wishes – and we also do it at some of the market’s most competitive prices.

Success story

We have build hundreds of courts and have customers all over the world. We are constantly growing together with the sport and we all have a passion for the sport.

LTA Padel (formerly British Padel)

The body responsible for padel tennis in the UK.

LTA Padel is the recognised acting governing body supported by it’s affiliated members of players, coaches, clubs and approved by the International Padel Federation (FIP). It has implemented regulation and minimal standards for court installations, coaching methods, and overall guidance for players, coaches, and clubs. It is currently seeking full recognition from the UK’s five Sports Councils (Sport England, Sport Scotland, UK Sport, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland).

World Padel Federation

The world governing body for the sport of padel tennis.


“To grow and promote the sport of Padel on a worldwide scale”

  • Foster the growth and development of the sport of Padel for everyone and on a worldwide basis.
  • Promote universally the development of the game of Padel for all levels and ages, for both able-bodied and disabled men and women.
  • Federate all affiliated regional federations, national member federations, clubs, players, coachs, padel industries and all partners

The European Padel Association (EPA)

The European Padel Association (EPA) is the umbrella organisation of all european padel federations and associations.

Representatives from thirteen European Padel Federations met in 2018 to further advance their cooperation and harmonise policies towards further advancing the sport of padel into the future.

In successive meetings in Lisbon and Madrid, during the months of May and June, the formation of the European Padel Federation (EPA) was agreed. The founding members of the new governing body of padel in Europe include the Austria Padel Federation, Padel Belgium, Czech Padel Federation, Danish Padel Federation, Finnish Padel Federation, Deutscher Padel Verband, British Padel, Nederlandse Padelbond, Polish Padel Federation, Portuguese Padel Federation, Spanish Padel Federation, Svenska Padelförbundet and Swiss Padel Association.

The Padel School


It’s our mission to help grow the game of padel around the world. We believe everyone should have access to practical advice that they can understand and bring into their game. Whether learning a new sport, training to compete or wanting to coach padel; we want to help you reach that next level. The aim is to bring together an active, supportive community that can help all players develop their padel.

Learn, Play, Share

Who’s the Coach?

Sandy Farquharsons's education is in Sports Biomechanics, he moved from tennis to padel over 8 years ago. After learning the trade in Spain, he has coached the UAE Team, GB Junior Team, Teaches Coach Education and regularly competes in FIP/WPT tournaments around the world…find out more about The Padel School’ Head Coach here.

Sandy Farquharson

The Irish Padel Association

Representing padel players in Ireland

The Irish Padel Association was formed in 2016 to represent padel players in Ireland. We have over 100 members and are growing all the time. Our mission is to bring our great sport to ever more players in Ireland. So if you love padel and want to help it develop, join us!

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European Padel Association announces Irish Padel Association Membership

"EPA is happy to announce that Irish Padel (Irish Padel Association) has joined our organisation as observer member. As foreseen in our bylaws, the observer’s status will be changed to regular member after approval is given by our September’s general assembly. Welcome."

Great news for all Irish padel players. Thanks to EPA for their recognition and to all Irish Padel Association council members, past and present, who have worked so hard for this.