Alberto Ortiz-Moya

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I started playing padel coming from a tennis background in Spain as this wonderful sport was starting to grow in popularity there around 2002-2003. I immediately loved it and started playing regularly, however I moved to the UK soon after that at the beginning of 2004 and wow, reality shock, where are the padel courts around here? Padel what? No courts, I was amazed such a fun sport was not available here... so I moved back to tennis around 2010, after some years of inactivity.

In 2018 I became aware of coaching courses by British Padel and thought this was the time to go back to start playing padel!!! It was finally coming to the UK!!! During the coaching course I met Nigel, from tennis world and even though it's a 2 hour drive from my home, due to mutual friends we arranged a match in January 2019. Freezing cold, but after 30 min everybody was laughing, enjoying an in shorts and t-shirts!!! Great fun, great social game, everybody was hooked.

Since then we try to play as much as we can but lack of close facilities mean we can only play once/twice a month, and maybe a tournament every 2/3 months.

Let's get padel played everywhere in the UK!!!

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02 Aug 1978 (43 Years)


Ellesse Padel Academy HLTSC

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Middlesbrough Padel Club

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Winning the consolation event at a British Padel Tour event!

Alberto Ortiz-Moya