Javier Serrats

Male Player (Points: 25000)
Padel Biography

Padel coach with 12 years experience in Spain and professional padel player in Spain and the UK.

  • Training of intermediate level groups and individuals: ages 20 & 60
  • Training initiation level groups and individuals: ages 10 & 60
  • Private lessons to individuals and small groups
  • Certified UK Padel Coach (Level 3)

UK (BPT) Rank 2018 #1
UK (BPT) Rank 2017 #3
ES (FEP) (U18) 2007 #3

Describe Yourself

Started playing padel at the age of 10. Combined high-performance tennis training with self-taught padel skills.

My parents started playing as a hobby as it was not that physically demandingas tennis and much easier to learn, and they have been hooked ever since.

Due to my parent's enjoyment in padel tennis, I started playing and decided to train padel and to attend to local competitions. Soon, I decided to attend to regional and National competitions as well.

At the age of 12, I took padel more seriously than tennis, so at 14, I finally stopped playing tennis and tennis training. I was subsequently invited to attend to the first of my 3 attendances at the World Championship.

At the age of 15, I started coaching, offering padel lessons to child groups of up to 6 children, and a year later, I was coaching padel players of all ages around 10 hours per week.

The most important thing to learn playing padel is being open-minded and have a willingness to enjoy the game. It is an inclusive sport which brings together people with different physical abilities and skills.

That is the reason why it has become the fastest growing sport worldwide. Now played by more than 10 million people around the world. More than 6 million people in Spain alone. It has grown quickly in Europe, with more than 200 courts in countries including Sweden, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

I am very keen to help develop the sport in the UK and want to encourage more people to play every day. I am available to organise different activities and classes for everyone to take part. Padel Tennis is a highly sociable sport and does not require top skills or super-fit players when playing at beginner or intermediate levels.

Player Info
Date of Birth

27 Jun 1989 (32 Years)


Middlesbrough Padel Club

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Other / Previous Club

Club Leon XIII (ES)

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Spanish Representative European Championship 2007 Seville, Spain
Spanish Representative World Championship (-18y) 2005 Badajoz, Spain
Spanish National Team World Championship (-18y) 2003 Curitiba, Brazil
Spanish Representative World Championship (-18y) 2002 Madrid, Spain

Representative Honours

Current LTA Padel Ranking Position (number #2), season 2019
First British Padel Ranking Position (number #1), season 2018
Champion in 1st cat Andalusia tour, April 2016, Malaga (Spain)
Champion in 1st cat Andalusia tour, March 2016, Malaga (Spain)

Javier Serrats

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