Date: Mon 17 May 2021

iPadel Club League Results

Results and photos from the iPadel Club League matches

Commencing in 2021, the iPadel Club League is made up of three divisions, Scotland, North and South. iPadel Club League South comprises 7 clubs, with iPadel Club League North and Scotland comprising 3 clubs each. The league is aimed at club level players who won’t be competing in the National League.

Club League Tables

Prested v North London Padel Club

Saturday 13th June

West Of Scotland Padel v Thistle v Edinburgh

Saturday 5th June
Congratulations to West Of Scotland Padel on qualifying for the National Finals

Hazelwood v North London Padel Club

Saturday 5th June

Stoke Park v Prested

Saturday 5th June

Prested v Hazelwood

Sunday 30th May

Middlesbrough v Tennis World

Sunday 16th May

Stoke Park 2 v Rocks Lane Chiswick

Saturday 15th May

Hazelwood v Stoke Park

Saturday 15th May

Harrogate v Middlesbrough Padel Cub

Sunday 2nd May

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