iPadel Club League Rules

The rules are flexible up to a point, any questions just ask me and I'm sure we can sort it out.

1) Ten players per team nominated and submitted to iPadel by the captain. Nominated players may play once only for a different team. Additional players can be added during the season if required to complete a match. Ideally players will also complete the player register form as this allows them to be automatically associated with their team and makes it easier for me!

Register Player

2) This league is aimed at club level players who won’t be competing in the National League. Suggested ratings between 3.0 and 5.0

Padel Ratings

3) Each match consists of 3 pairs playing 2 rubbers of best of 3 sets First 2 sets to 6 with a 12 point tiebreak at 6 games all and 3rd set match tie break to 10

For Example:

  • Pairs 1 play pairs 1s & 2s
  • Pairs 2 play pairs 1s & 3s
  • Pairs 3 play pairs 3s & 2s

Meaning each match will last approx. 4-5 hours on 2 courts

4) The suggested order of play is as follows, although this is up to the discretion of the home captain.

Court 1
H2 v A3
H1 v A2
H1 v A1

Court 2
H3 v A2
H2 v A1
H3 v A3

5) £50 entry per team to pay for a league tennis director and admin to keep records updated and make rule decisions if needed. Court fees for matches are covered by the home team at their discretion.

6) All group matches to be played by 31st July 2021 with the results sent to the tournament director within 48 hours of each match finishing.

7) Winners of the north and Scotland and winner and runner up of the south will qualify for the grand finals to be held at Rocks Lane Chiswick in September. Date to be confirmed.

8) Matches to be played on official weekend dates unless both captains agree to the change and inform the tournament director. Home captain to decide if it is a Saturday or Sunday. This again is flexible and the priority is to get the matches played at the convenience of both clubs.

9) Points allocated:

  • Win 2 points
  • Draw 1 point each team

Best of luck to all teams and hope you enjoy the iPadel Club League 2021