iPadel Club Leagues Summer 2022 presented by EE Padel

National Club Padel Leagues in the UK

The iPadel Club Leagues are aimed at club players who want to play competitive padel against other local padel clubs.

After increasingly successful summer and winter leagues in 2021/2, we are now running the 2022 summer leagues. This summer we have 6 men's, 3 ladies and 1 mixed league. There are 21 clubs who have entered a total of 52 teams.

The leagues are aimed at club level players, suggested ratings between 3.0 and 5.0, but are open to anyone apart from any player who is competing in the 2022 LTA Padel National League Division One.

Padel Ratings

League matches will be played between April 2022 and August 2022, with the winners of each region and runners up (depending on the number of teams in the league) qualifying for the national finals at (to be decided) in September 2022. Trophies and prizes awarded to the winning teams.


Sponsorship opportunities are available on www.ipadel.co.uk and will be included on all relevant social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Finals day will also offer onsite branded advertising opportunities for sponsors. The sponsor deck has now been published and we are also interested in balls, equipment, t shirts and prizes.

Summer 2022 Sponsors

  • EE Padel Global court developers and suppliers, our main sponsors for the summer leagues
  • Playtomic Developing padel in the UK connecting players with players and players with clubs.
  • Padel Shack The original UK padel shop and very involved in the development of padel in the UK
  • Royal Padel Royal Padel are offering a 20% discount to all players using the promo code IPADEL20
  • Drop Shot Drop Shot are offering clubs a box of 24 tubes of balls for £58 using the promo code IPADEL
  • The Bandeja The Bandeja mag is the place to be for all things padel delivered straight to your inbox

iPadel Club League Rules

  1. 6 players nominated per team which can be added to but once nominated players should not play for a different team. This is flexible if you need someone to make up a team as I would rather have a match played, but please observe the spirit of the event. Fun not glory! 4 players per match.
  2. Any player who is competing in the 2022 LTA Padel National League Division One is ineligible.
  3. Players must be members of your club.
  4. Each match consists of 4 rubbers of 2 pairs playing 2 rubbers each of best of 3 sets. The first 2 sets are standard sets with a 7-point tiebreak at 6 games all and 3rd set is a match tie break to 10 points.
  5. Sudden death deuces or golden points may be used as long as both captains agree beforehand.
  6. £100 entry fee per team for the first 2 teams, £75 for a 3rd team and £50 per team thereafter. Please ensure you pay your club pays your entry fees before your first match.
  7. Court fees for matches are covered by the home team at their discretion.
  8. All group matches to be played by 29th August 2022 with the results filed online or sent to the tournament director within 48 hours of each match finishing.
  9. Winners/runners up of each region will qualify for the grand finals to be held at (to be decided) in September 2022. Date to be confirmed.
  10. Matches to be played on official weekend dates unless both captains agree to the change and inform the tournament director. Home captain to decide if it is a Saturday or Sunday. Midweek matches are allowable if agreed by both captains.
  11. League positions will be decided by points, rubbers, sets then games won.
  12. The South East Men's A & B Leagues will have promotion and and relegation for the top team in B and bottom team in A.

Closing Date:

The official closing date for entries is 28th Feb 2002, but I would appreciate you letting me know as soon as possible how many teams and in which categories you want to enter.

Tournament director Ian Colligon of iPadel, any questions email ian@ipadel.co.uk or phone 07765 403769