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From the very early age of 10, racket sports have been in the centre of my favourite sports to be practised either for its full physical training as for its competitiveness. Tennis, squash, badminton, beach tennis and even ping-pong… until padel came along and the breakthrough finally happened.

I´ve played and coach tennis for several years to different groups and ages, from beginners to competition teams back in my home town of Terrassa (Barcelona) and up until 2003 when the first padel court was installed in our club. I did combine both sports for a while playing either local, regional and nationally. A couple of years later, in 2005 I realised that I needed to drop tennis in order to fully dive into padel, either as a player as a freelance coach. So I did.

However, it wasn't until I arrived in UK in 2013 when I really discovered the social side of it and the truthful meaning of a sport that was still to take off.

After playing in the different existing sites in London (Canary Wharf, Whitechapel and now Stratford Padel Club), having met so many players from every imaginable nationality, seeing this sport develop and grow, having made so many friends and much laughter on every single occasion and tournament and being a member of the British Padel Federation for the 4th year in a row, now I can say even louder: ‘ I love Padel'.

This degree of fulfilment brought along the idea of re-taking the left-a-side coaching experience and the sense of involvement on its growth and expansion, this time round though in a different country and therefore the challenge of doing it in a different language, English. Was at this point when thanks to the British Padel Federation I took part in the ‘Padel Coaching Qualification' course in 2018 and not late after started applying its teachings and knowledge into padel coaching for Will to Win (Hyde Park) in July that same year and to the present day. At the moment, I have coached around 100 h and I´m proud to have passed my passion to all individuals who have come to each session.

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Date of Birth

07 Sep 1981 (40 Years)


Stratford Padel Club

Home Town

Terrassa, Barcelona

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Will to Win Hyde Park

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BPT Ranking 2016: #39
BPT Ranking 2017: #14
BPT Ranking 2018: #29
BPT Ranking 2019: #16

Dani Roqué

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