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I began researching padel tennis in 2015 with a view to promoting it in the UK. To this end I set up iPadel as the vehicle for this. Although I could see the potential of padel tennis in the UK, I realised that I was probably a bit too soon at that time, so the project was shelved. On moving back to Surrey I dusted it down again, albeit in a different format and launched the iPadel website in January 2019.

iPadel is actively involved in the development and promotion of Padel Tennis in the UK. Our aim is to showcase this fantastic sport to a wider audience and increase participation. iPadel promotes players, clubs, events, tournaments and holidays. We are committed to encouraging more tennis and other sports & leisure clubs to embrace padel and add courts to their existing facilities. We are aligned with Padel Tech, endorsed by LTA Padel as a recommended padel court supplier.

I used to coach tennis and played at junior, senior and vets county level. I only really started playing padel this year and have a friendly game once a week at the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill. I have now played in 3 LTA Padel Tour Events and feel like I am improving each time. I have now achieved 2 ambitions, to get through a match without pulling a muscle and to actually win a match! I am very much a tennis player learning the subtle art of padel and am loving every minute of it.

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07 Mar 1963


Middlesbrough Padel Club

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Ian Colligon

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