Padel Rackets

Head Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid Bela


Advanced players looking to play at the highest level should give the Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid a serious look. With a design inspired by fifteen time world number 1, Bela, this racket offers an impressive combination of precision and power. It's also very stable thanks to its 381 gram weight, a feature that pays dividends when redirecting the pace of a powerful opponent. In addition to the comfort that comes from time-tested technologies like Graphene Touch and Ultra Soft Foam, this racket has a Double Carbon Surface, which features two layers of carbon on both sides of the racket. Factor in the Chip drilling pattern, and the result is a racket that offers a "best of class" combination of precision, spin and power.

  • Weight: 381 Grams
  • Balance: 270mm
  • Head Shape: Diamond
  • Beam: 38mm
  • Composition: Graphite Touch/Graphite
  • Technologies: Flexible Chassis, Double CHS, Chip, Ultra Soft Foam, Anti-Shock
  • Ability Level: Advanced