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I am incredibly proud to have been part of the management team at Tennis World, Middlesbrough who have successfully delivered the two covered padel courts and launched the initiative that we now call Middlesbrough Padel Club.

My passion for padel started in Spain while taking juniors on winter tennis training camps, where we played padel for a bit of fun and relaxation for the players. As an ex tennis player, I instantly fell in love with padel and couldn't get enough of this fantastic new sport.

Since then, along with Nigel Garton and a dedicated team at Tennis World, using the professional services of Padel Tech Ltd, we have worked hard to plan, design and install two courts with a much needed cover for the northern winters.

Middlesbrough Padel Club officially opened in October 2018 and we have just celebrated the end of our first hugely successful year.

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21 Sep 1977 (42 Years)


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This year I have loved competing in three LTA Padel Tour events, two at my home club and one in sunny Soto Grande, Spain. The highlight was recently winning the first LTA Padel Tour Silver Ladies Event at Middlesbrough Padel Club.

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